General Freight and Lifting

Moving out or have a construction project with many heavy loads to deliver? Then, you will need the perfect trucks and services to lift and carry your goods safely. We have a range of vehicles for your needs.

Transporting heavy loads through general freight is a great option as it is less expensive. You can deliver oversized items or big containers safely by using general freight service at 4LIFTN. We provide the right vehicles to carry your heavy goods, our operators are also experienced in their field so you don't need to worry about our professionalism.

You can choose from Crane Trucks, Table Top Trucks, Semi-Trailer Trucks until Tray Trucks that will suit your projects better. Our staffs are happy to help you choosing the best vehicle for your goods. Call us now on (02) 9609 1455 or fill the contact form below and we try to respond as soon as possible and our Customer Service will get back to you.

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